Musin’ with Susan about comparing history

This is a follow up to what I posted last week about what’s happening in our country regarding brown immigrants, with papers or not, already here or trying to get in.

First of all, “our” response to Bahamians after Hurricane Dorian is reprehensible. Just as what’s happening at our southern border is reprehensible. Just as what’s happening to immigrants already here is reprehensible.

Why isn’t the press continuing to cover these stories? Where is the outrage?

Have you read this story or at least seen this headline?


It’s from NEWSWEEK, Tuesday, September 17. Here’s the link:…
While the Occupant dominates the “news” with blatant ignorance, endless lies, and hourly vacillations on “policy,” in the shadows, very quietly, with diabolical focus and single-mindedness, Stephen Miller is shaping our immigration policies one after the next, leading us into a place far too similar to what happened in Nazi Germany.

I don’t make this comparison lightly. I taught the Holocaust for 20 years to 8th graders. How did it start? People VOTED Hitler into office with his promises of making Germany great again after its defeat in World War I. He divided the country using fear-mongering, ridicule of “others,” and blaming a specific group for any problem anyone had.

I’ve been loathe to make this comparison publicly, but there it is.

And while our media continues to focus on why the Occupant doesn’t like environmentally friendly light bulbs, ICE is waging war on brown immigrants.

This training facility is the next step in that war.

Why is there deafening silence about this? Where is the media? Why does no one expose Stephen Miller as the man shaping policy? Everyone knows it isn’t the Occupant. And here’s the thing. If the media would really, truly start talking about Stephen Miller and his real power, if every news outlet covered this day after day after day, you know what would happen?

The Occupant would fire him.

The United States of America’s immigration policy right now is based on Stephen Miller’s vile, malevolent, hate-filled ideas.

Our media needs to expose this and keep exposing this until that man no longer has power or sway over any part of our government.