Musin’ with Susan because of the Occupant

I’ve been thinking about mental illness lately, mostly because of the Occupant and how his manifests and takes over the news every single day. His mental illness is exhausting me.

We’ve got another 14 months left in the term of our first blatantly mentally ill president, one who is unable to recognize his own mental illness and who is surrounded by enablers, beginning with his family and reaching into appointees and those elected to serve us and landing in adoring fans who for whatever reason continue to love and trust him.

A relationship is only as healthy as the least healthy person in it. That’s why our country’s relationships with our allies are fraught with dis-ease.

Remember how Ronald Reagan was called the “Teflon President”? Little did we know then where our country was really headed.

The current Occupant is really the Teflon Occupant. It seems that no matter what he does or says and no matter what investigators uncover about his high crimes and misdemeanors, he maintains a 40% overall approval rating and 90% within the Republican Party. And the Teflon is covering an extremely ill individual.

We all know the Emperor has no clothes. I have no doubt that history will record the truth about this man.

In the meantime, we must vote the Occupant out. We must stay strong and focused and not give up our fight for the health and well-being of our country.

Stay strong, everyone. Like I’ve said before, WE ARE THE MAJORITY!