Musin’ with Susan about Defending the Constitution

This is what I emailed to Lamar Alexander Saturday.
“There is no way in the world if Hillary Clinton were president and had asked another country to help her in her reelection campaign that you would not have spoken out AT LEAST about the importance of the integrity of our elections. There is no way you would not have AT LEAST unequivocally condemned President Clinton if she had refused entire Executive Branch cooperation with an impeachment inquiry. The current occupant of the White House has done both of these things, and your response of complete support of him is astounding. Are you the hypocritical partisan hack you now appear to be, or are you going to become a statesman like Howard Baker, willing to do the right thing regardless of political party?”

And this is my Resistbot from yesterday to Roe, Alexander, and Blackburn:
“We have deserted our allies. A war has started. Russia is bombing hospitals. ISIS members have escaped. Thank you for refusing to keep a check on this president. You have a lot to be proud of.”

I have no idea what is going through the minds of the Republican Congress. How they continue to support the current occupant of the White House, rationalizing and justifying and minimizing his onslaught of our Constitution, is beyond me. A few of them have spoken up about the atrocity he has committed against the Kurds, even suggesting it might harm our country’s reputation (as if we still have a good one), but mostly they remain silent.

All three of our representatives, Alexander, Blackburn, and Roe, have made it clear they support the Occupant, NO MATTER WHAT. They are supposedly public servants who have sworn to protect our Constitution. Instead, they protect and defend a man who believes being president means he can do anything he wants.

I continue to contact them, even when I know their response will be a form letter reminding me how much they support him. Is this effort useless? Should I give up? Stay silent? Hope someone else has more sway? Just wait, hoping the impeachment inquiry will finally make a difference because of facts and evidence that in any other time would be irrefutable?

We members of the Sullivan County Democratic Party are represented (or not) by three Republicans who very clearly put their party before our country, and they put one man in their party above the law and above their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.

What can we do? We all know we need to replace them with Democrats. But in the meantime, what can we do and what are we willing to do?