Musin’ with Susan about the power of laughter in these crazy times

I’ve found the perfect response for those times I see “[Occupant] 2020” bumper stickers or signs or when someone yells it, like when we demonstrated with the “Honk for Impeachment” and “Defend the Constitution” signs in Johnson City.


Flat-out laughter.

I started doing this at the beach where every morning Jean and I rode our bikes by a house with a banner hanging from the porch. I realized the most natural and easiest response for this Democrat is uninhibited hee-hawing. The first time I did that, it tickled me so much my laugh turned into a real and joyous belly-laugh in about two seconds. So I did it again, and guess what?! The same thing happened. I laughed and laughed, and as any of you who know me know, my laugh can be contagious (as can everyone’s when it’s a real laugh), so others with me began to laugh, too.

Ridicule has been used as a weapon by the powerful for, well, I guess forever.


Let’s all use our voices to laugh when we see or hear anyone trying to defend that man or supporting his re-election.

It’ll make us feel better, and it’ll make a clear statement that’s hard to respond to.

Oh, and if you laugh and have a slight twinge that maybe laughing wasn’t nice, you can “catch yourself,” stop laughing, turn to the Democrat next to you, and say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Bless his heart.” What can be better than laughing combined with good Southern manners?

And laughter completely changes the energy around us. It’s a win-win!