Musin’ with Susan on Election Day!

Today is Election Day in several states, including our neighbors Virginia and North Carolina. It’s a good time for us to pay attention. Self-evaluation is always good, and I hope we get some good feedback from the states with general elections.

Here are some questions to think about as you watch the returns. How is the Democratic Party doing overall? Of those Democrats who win and who lose today, where do they fall ideologically within our party? What’s the makeup of their districts? Are Democrats in general getting our message out? Are we gaining seats even with rampant gerrymandering and voter suppression? What lessons can SCDP learn from this election?

And in case you don’t know this, if Starla Kiser wins the House District 4 seat in Virginia, it could mean the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA needs only one more state to ratify it before it becomes the law of the land, and it didn’t pass in Virginia by one vote. If you’re reading this and you live in VA District 4, PLEASE go out to vote for Starla Kiser! She’s a super candidate and will be an even better representative. And she’s running against a name, not a candidate with good ideas.

Stay tuned tonight even though none of us in Sullivan County are voting and elections are for states and localities. Votes in other places affect us, and if you have any doubts about that, take another look at the Senate Majority Leader. And take another look at Virginia, where the ERA needs only ONE MORE VOTE.