Musin’ with Susan about turning the tide blue

My take-away from the election on November 5 is an overall positive one: Democrats are making headway and we just have to keep at it.

It still looks as if the way to win is very traditional door-to-door campaigning with a local message, one that people who answer the door care about personally.

I was, as I know all of you reading this were, disappointed in Starla Kiser’s showing. She was (and hopefully continues to be) an excellent candidate. I think, with nothing to back this up except my own inner self, no one could have beaten her opponent. His name is just too well-known. I think he could have won without any campaigning, just like Phil Roe does in our district.

So what does this mean for Democrats in Sullivan County? I think it means we need to do our best getting our candidates’ names out there first, establishing a simple message that resonates with our neighbors who vote for the other party without thought, and delivering that message nonstop until the election. One thing the other party has been really good at is messaging. They come up with one soundbite and stick with it. Can we do that?

Do you know who our Democratic candidates are so far? The time to start talking about them is now!