Musin’ with Susan: Impeachment Edition

I watched the entire impeachment hearing today. Here are a few of my take-aways.
*Adam Schiff is my new hero. He was calm, measured, serious, and firm, not letting Republics get out of hand when they tried.
*Bill Taylor is also my hero. He, too, was calm, measured, factual, not able to be side-tracked or fooled, distinguished, and respectful. Many times during a Republic’s questioning, his face showed incredulous disbelief with a touch of humor. What a GREAT witness!
*George Kent is no slouch, either. His testimony was like Taylor’s–he surely and steadily stuck to the facts. He was also fun to watch during Republic questions (speeches).
* The Democrats’ lawyer was excellent. Calm, clear, direct, on point, facts only.
*The Republics’ lawyer, not so much. Stumbled around, had to repeat questions, almost didn’t seem ready.
*Jim Jordan the Obnoxious is an ass. He actually yelled, “It didn’t happen!” over and over, because Ukraine got the money. He also delivered a new narrative, that the Occupant was making sure Ukraine was serious about working toward ending corruption, and when he was convinced of that, he released the money. (That narrative has to ignore the timing, but whatever.)
*Republics’ current defense is that these two witnesses gave second-hand information because they didn’t talk directly with the Occupant. They must not realize both men were intimately involved with Ukraine and were THERE. But again, whatever. “First-hand” witnesses are scheduled. And of course the ones who aren’t showing up are the ones who will create the obstruction clause of the impeachment.
*Overall, I was impressed with the professionalism of most of the Democrats and a few Republics. A few Dems did the speech thing before questioning but mostly they stayed right on topic. Most Republics just threw in every red herring they could think of, including that Occupant has given more money to Ukraine than Obama did. And what does that have to do with anything?
*I don’t see how anyone watching today who isn’t the Occupant’s base can not see how serious these charges are. It was VERY clear.
I watched Foxaganda during the break between lawyers. They mainly just said, “Yes, this doesn’t sound good, but watch the rest because now the Republic lawyer is going to slay.” Too bad for them because that didn’t happen.
I also watched CBS coverage at 7:00. Looking good for Democrats if that station is any indication.