Musin’ with Susan about Heroic Diplomats

United States diplomats are my heroes.

Last week, William Taylor, George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch exhibited integrity, intelligence, courage, and steadfastness in their love of the United States and regard for our Constitution. They were exemplary witnesses in the impeachment hearings, and more than that, they quietly serve and represent our county with honor and dignity, not looking for any type of recognition or praise or reward for keeping us safe. They are the best of us.

With Yovanovitch, Kent, and Taylor, and others like them, as the face of the United States, no wonder we are so admired around the world. They manifest everything about our country that is good

As witnesses, their testimony was clear, direct, and measured. The service of each of them to our country is impeccable, and they showed 13 million people exactly what our country is made of.

We have an Occupant right now who is petty, dishonest, loyal to none except himself, who blusters and stumbles across the world stage. To have these three in stark contrast was uplifting for me. They have renewed my hope for our country.

I’m fairly certain the Occupant won’t be removed from office for his multiple impeachable offenses. The Republic House members and Senators, for whatever reasons, are unable to muster even a smidgeon of what these three diplomats exhibited. Yovanovitch, Taylor, and Kent honored their oath to support and defend the Constitution, no matter what. Republics are doing everything they can to defend and support the Occupant, no matter what.

The contrast is powerful.

I stand with the diplomats.