Musin’ with Susan – Impeachment Edition 2 – 11/21/19

I’m heartsick. I’m sad, and I’m angry.

I watched or listened to the entire impeachment hearings. I heard every single witness testify that the President of the United States of America endangered Ukraine and our own country by refusing to support the new president until and unless that president did a personal favor for him. Every single witness said the President of the United States of America undermined our national policy, our national security, and the security of Ukraine for his own political gain. Every. Single. Witness.

I watched these incredible and courageous people, most of whom are or were ambassadors who represent our country with integrity and honor, talk about how the entire diplomatic corp in Ukraine was scrambling around trying to protect OUR interest, wondering what the hell was going on, finding out they were being undercut by the PRESIDENT himself, understanding the impact of that, and still trying to do their jobs to carry out United States policy and ensure the safety of all of us.

The Republican Congress wouldn’t even listen. They had no defense except to change the subject. Over and over they brought up completely unrelated topics. Nunes’s opening and closing statements for nearly every session were nothing more than whining about and slamming his Democratic colleagues. Jim Jordan, more than once, asked a question and then waited excitedly, actually bouncing in his seat at least one time, until he could make his next point. Others used their 5 minutes of questioning time to give diatribes, not even pretending to ask a question. They made a mockery of the hearings and of their own sacred vow to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Not one time did any Republican say the President is innocent of the charges of abuse of power. They know he is guilty. And they don’t care. They know he has obstructed justice. And they don’t care.

I watched them show concern after several different witnesses, and I watched them rebound by sticking to their strategy of staying off topic. They left the last hearing today with glee. They know they have “won,” because they were able to stick together as members of a political party. They seem to have no conception of the gravity of this impeachment hearing, of why it is important, of why it is vital to our democracy.

I’m concerned about our county. I’m concerned that this is what we have become.

Bill Taylor, George Kent, Marie Yovanovich, Alexander Vindman, David Holmes, Fiona Hill. These Americans took the same oath of office as those Republicans. These Americans love their country and are willing to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. They proved that by coming forward; they proved that on the witness stand.

I hope we can again become the country they believe they represent.

We have a long way to go.