Musin’ with Susan 12/3/19 Shake the World

Musin’ with Susan 12/3/19

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” I got this in a fortune cookie and decided immediately I was going to write about it here. I had no idea it was a quote from Ghandi.

I found out because my “fortune” made me wonder exactly HOW I could shake the world in a gentle way. I typed that question into my search engine, and all sorts of pictures of Ghandi and this quote came up. So now I’ve learned something from a fortune cookie.

Among the things I found online was an article by Catherine Winter discussing ten gentle ways to shake the world. Here they are, without explanation.

1. Share positivity.
2. Plant a garden.
3. Meditate.
4. Speak up and take action.
5. Clean up.
6. Stop polluting the water.
7. Reconsider your eating habits.
8. Find out more about what you buy/wear/use.
9. Volunteer.
10. Be kinder.

One thing I like about this list is that each of us practices at least one of these things. Many of us practice several of them. Every single one of us, living our daily lives, is shaking the world in some capacity. Think about that.

I love that I live in a world where a fortune cookie can remind me that I can practice a life that’s gentle and shake the world at the same time—and then share that with you!