Musin’ with Susan 12/10/19 – Good Listeners?

Musin’ with Susan 12/10/19

I wonder if it’s possible for Republicans who want to defend the Occupant to do so without bashing those who brought charges against him and those who have testified about what they see as his offenses? And for those in the House committees responsible for conducting these impeachment hearings to do so without constantly interrupting the hearings to simply be disruptive? They may be scoring points with the Occupant and some of his most ardent supporters, but their disrespect for this most serious Constitutional duty as well as for their own offices is an embarrassment to our entire country and form of government.

I’m not asking this so you can reply with more bashing. I’m tired of all the bashing. I’m tired of hearing Republicans repeatedly call Democrats names, as if all of us don’t care about our country and aren’t good patriots, and blame Democrats for the entire impeachment hearings, ignoring completely what they know of the facts surrounding the charges. I’m tired of some Democrats name-calling all Republicans, as if all of them are hate-filled and are leading to the downfall of our democracy.

Jean and I saw A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD recently, and it made me want to be Mr. Rogers. The thing that impresses me most about him is how he listened. When someone was speaking, he was totally and completely focused on that person and what s/he was saying. I rarely do that. Usually, especially if it’s someone I disagree with, I’m busy answering in my head, preparing for what I’m going to say next.

I wonder if we all practiced real and attentive listening how much better we would get along, even with our opinions that seem so far apart?

I’ve made a decision to practice attentive listening. Wish me luck.