Musin’ with Susan 12/17/19 – NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

Musin’ with Susan 12/17/19

This evening are the NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW demonstrations around the country.

I hope you’re planning to be at ours at the Bristol sign in downtown Bristol. I’ve heard from people around the area who are interested in coming; ours is the only one in the Tri-Cities area, and one person from Boone has asked for directions. I hope the inquiries I’ve gotten are an indication that we’ll have a good turn out. The truth for me is, if I’m the only person, I’ll still be there. It is that important.

I am still baffled that elected Republicans are so determined to protect this president that they have blinded themselves to the implications of their votes against impeachment. Even if they could argue the first article (which they obviously can’t, or they would have), the second one is so obvious there really is no defense. And everyone knows, including elected Republicans, there could easily be more than these two articles. The corruption of this administration is unmatched, and it’s very dangerous.

This is the third time in my adult life I’ve kept up with hearings to impeach the President of the United States. This is by far the most significant. Either no one is above the law in our country, or anyone can be above the law. If Congress no longer has the power to oversee the President, if the President really can do whatever he wants, including inviting other nations to interfere with our elections and using the power of his position for personal gain, our Constitution is no longer a valid document.

The United States used to be the best democracy in the world. We no longer are. The good news is that there are other democracies that are working well.

I sincerely hope we make it through this presidency and its corruption and once again will become a country others look to for moral leadership and support.

That’s why I’ll be at the Bristol sign today from 4:00 until 5:30. I hope you’ll be there, too.