Musin’ with Susan 12/24/19 – Love & Compassion

Musin’ with Susan 12/24/19

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, a day of religious celebration for many people. It is also a day that all of us can acknowledge commemorates the birth of someone who changed the world in a big way, mainly by illustrating love of others and compassion for all.

This year, let’s all think about how we can help change our own little worlds by loving and showing compassion for everyone with whom we come into contact.

It’s a tall order. 

But I believe if we can practice love and tolerance at the most basic level, in our homes and in our neighborhoods and in our own little city, we WILL be changing the world.

Today, I’m going to do my best to pause when I’m about to condemn or criticize, even in thought, and turn instead toward love and compassion. If I can do that today, maybe I can do the same thing tomorrow, and maybe it will become a practice every day.

I’d like to be that kind of agent of change.

Everyone, please have a warm and safe holiday. Each of you is surrounded in love. I hope you know that.