Musin’ with Susan 1/7/20 – 2020 Vision

My theme for this year is 2020 Vision. My plan is to post something about 2020 Vision at least once every month this year.

So here I go with January.

I envision our entire country will have 2020 Vision this year.

I envision most people will be able to discern truth from deceit, up close and at a distance. I envision this most of all for our electorate. Our electorate’s vision has become blurred, and that blurry vision is creating treacherous traveling on the road of our country’s future.

I envision most people will see facts as facts instead of seeing untruths as anything other than the lies they are.

I envision most people will be able to see clearly when someone is trying to help them, keeping their best interests at heart. And I envision most people will be able to see clearly when anyone is simply conning them.

I envision our public servants will see that their jobs really are to serve the people, that their work isn’t about reelection or serving a few or protecting anyone else in office. I envision that they will see and hear clearly the words they swore to abide by when they took office, that they see the Constitution as the law that guides them, and that they bring their integrity with them in every decision they make.

I envision 2020 as a year of change, a year when we finally have a clear vision of what we have been, what we are, and what we can be. 

And finally, for January, I envision a groundswell of active Democrats preparing for the 2020 elections with one vision in mind: a Democratic President and a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate.