Musin’ with Susan 1/21/20 – WE, Not YOU!

How many times has someone said to you, as soon as they identify you as an activist, “You all need to . . .” or “Why don’t you all . . . ”?

Here’s the answer: There is no “you all.” There’s only WE. 

One of my favorite things about those of us who are active in the Sullivan County Democratic Party is that we all know what we’re good at, what our interests are, what we want to do, what our limitations are, what we can do. AND we understand that each of us is vital, no matter how much time or energy commitment anyone can make at any given time.

I love to be in our meetings where someone has an idea and a couple of others jump right in to help. It’s HOW we’re active. It’s also where those pictures we post come from. Somebody had an idea, and someone else said, “Yes!”

I hope next time someone says to you, “Why don’t you all . . . ,” you take the time to get their contact information, to invite them to our next meeting, to let them know if they’re willing to come present the idea, there’s a good chance someone will be willing to help.

And if you’re someone who says to others, “You all need to . . . ,” I hope next time you’ll say instead, “Here’s something WE need to work on. Who wants to join me?”