Musin’ with Susan 2/4/20 – February 20/20 Vision

With the Democratic Primaries in full swing and plenty of media attention, once again, on how “the Democratic Party is fractured,” I’ve been thinking about that perception and how we can help remedy it.

I think the answer is simple. We all need to remember we’re working together for a common goal and to stay focused on that goal.

There are still a lot of presidential candidates in this race, and that’s a good thing. Many people know exactly who they want to be the nominee, and that’s a good thing. Many others are still undecided, paying attention and waiting to make their decision. And that’s a good thing, too. Democrats are a hugely diverse lot!

Where I see we need to have clear vision, 20/20 vision, is in how we treat those who support a different candidate. Asking why someone supports a particular candidate is healthy and good. We all need to be educated. Belligerently challenging someone else’s choice is destructive, and this is what leads to the kind of negative image of the Democratic Party the media wants to exploit. 

My vision for February is for all of us who want Democrats to keep the House, take over the Senate, and win the Presidency. That means my vision is for every Democrat.

SO. With that lengthly introduction, here’s my February 20/20 Vision.

I envision all members of SCDP listening with respect to everyone who is willing to support a specific candidate publicly.

I envision all members of SCDP treating everyone who is willing to publicly support a candidate as a member of the same team and with respect.

I envision all members of SCDP doing every single thing they can to make sure Democrats prevail in the 2020 election.

I envision all of us remembering, knowing, that we all want the same thing, to get Republicans out of power.

I envision all of us, in all our diversity, coming together in the knowledge that our candidates have way more in common with each other than they do with the other side.

I envision a united Democratic Party, each of us ready to accept and fully support whoever our nominee is, whether s/he was our first choice, second choice, or last choice.

I envision this for all Democrats, including our candidates. 

I sincerely hope you envision this, too.