Musin’ with Susan 2/11/20 – State of the Union?

As many things as there are to comment on about the “State of the Union” Address (quotes intentional because it was no honest state of the union) there is one thing I found chilling.

When the Occupant walked out, the entire Republican side of Congress stood up and chanted, “FOUR MORE YEARS!’

It was chilling because of what it made me think of, what it looked like, what it sounded like. As some of you have heard me say, I’m loathe to compare what’s happening here with anything that happened in Nazi Germany. I taught the Holocaust and know far more than I wish I had to. Included in what I taught was HOW Germany became Nazi Germany.

First, Hitler was elected. He didn’t create a coup or foment a rebellion; he was elected. Germany had just lost WWI and was reeling in the repercussions of that. In order to create a base, Hitler used blame and fear of “others” and the promise of a “new Germany” where “all you Aryans will be in charge again, the only ones who matter.” He was charismatic and persuasive, and his supporters adored him. They believed anything he said.

This public display of adoration of one man just happened at OUR “State of the Union.” And it was our ELECTED OFFICIALS who stood and chanted in unison for him.

It was a chilling moment for me. It is chilling for me to think about.

We must do everything we can to defeat this man and this dangerous and scary movement toward dictatorship in our country.

Please don’t tire. And if you do, please keep going.

We cannot afford to lose the 2020 election, not just the presidency but the Senate and the House as well. We must get this man and his followers and enablers out of office.

I never again want to be chilled to the bone when one side of Congress stands and chants as one to begin the State of the Union Address.