Musin’ with Susan 2/18/20 – Sexism/Misogyny

A college basketball fan recently asked on an online site why Jimmy V’s foundation gets so much more coverage than Pat Summitt’s. After reading answers by several people, I just wrote “sexism/misogyny.” One person (male) not only challenged that answer., he was unwilling even to acknowledge sexism played any part in that. He can recognize blatant sexism, but he’s unable and unwilling to see it in any historical context.

He did actually say sexism/misogyny couldn’t be quantified reliably.

Ah me, how little that man knows.

It is amazingly easy to quantify systemic, pervasive sexism/misogyny reliably. Here’s the easiest way I know.

Begin by remembering this fact: Women make up more than half the population in this country. 

Now, turn on your TV. Watch for any length of time, several genres including news, sports, drama, sit-coms, cartoons, talk shows, movies. Including credits, count the number of men or men’s names you see or hear referred to and the number of women and women’s names you see or hear referred to. As you watch and become aware of gender representation just on TV, remind yourself that women make up more than half the population in this country. 

You can do this exercise not just watching television but also by observing and tabulating gender representation in the business world, visual and performing arts, politics, sports, any facet of life you want.

Again, women are over half the population. 

Why do you think it is that men are so over-represented in every aspect of our society? 

The answer is sexism/misogyny. 

And this examination includes only the United States. Take a look at the world!

There is a single common denominator in our society and throughout most societies on our planet: sexism/misogyny.

Just to follow up with where I began this musin’, I did suggest to this man what I’ve written above. His response was to say he just disagrees.

There is nothing I can do about WILLFUL IGNORANCE.

But there is this: Virginia passed the Equal Rights Amendment, so we’re still heading in the right direction in spite of all those who are living in willful ignorance.