Musin’ with Susan 3/17/20 – Viral Rant

After all that musing about wanting to be righteous instead of self-righteous here I am yelling about the woeful inadequacy of the current occupant in this time of crisis. I’m not even going to go over the litany rolling around in my head. It just makes me crazy. [Aside: Does craziness lower one’s immune system? If so, I might be in trouble.]

The week I’ve had to keep my mouth shut by simply deleting group emails from my sisters and their spouses who all seem to think Covid 19 is nothing more than a media event. One sister has called it a panic-demic. Cute, but really?

So here’s the question. How can ANYONE who’s paying attention to WORLD NEWS think this is nothing but a media event? Yes, the media is having a heyday with it, which is to be expected because of our 24-hour news cycle. But really, not to take it seriously? 

At least, after corporations and governors and other real leaders began taking serious actions, and the stock market screamed at the occupant, he’s been forced to come up with some kind of a plan. Good grief. And thank goodness for our Democratic House of Representatives, especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for coming up with legislation that will actually help real people. (Waiting to see what the Senate does after McConnell decided leaving Washington for a four-day break was more important than doing the job he and his Senate colleagues are paid to do. ALL news outlets, including Foxaganda, have listed what’s in the bill from the House and have repeated that the Occupant supports it, so if the Senate tries to change too much, people at least will know whom to blame. Well, we all know in this political climate that would be Obama and the Democrats.)

Okay, I’m definitely not musing; I’m just ranting. 

So instead of continuing the rant, I’ll take a deep breath (in the safety of my home), continue to wash my hands constantly, and follow suggested protocol when I’m around others. 

I hope you are safe and are keeping yourself and those with whom you come in contact safe. I also hope any of us who are exposed to Covid 19 fall into the 80% who won’t be gravely affected.

Please, do everything you can to protect not just yourself but others. Don’t get this virus and unknowingly spread it around.

And thanks for letting me rant this week.