Musin’ with Susan 3/24/20 – Striving for Truth

“In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.” Buddha and/or Thomas Carlyle

There are so many times I have to remind myself of this. Like last week, maybe?

Like I mentioned week before last and illustrated last week, there are so many times I have self-righteous anger.

I know most of you know that feeling of emotional investment in a controversy, that point when a discussion becomes an argument.

Lots of times, that’s going on in my head before I even enter the conversation! I KNOW what I think, and I AM RIGHT.


Maybe the next time I feel anger in a controversy, I can remember who I really want to be, and not give up striving for truth.

Maybe I will remember I’d rather be righteous than self-righteous.