Musin’ with Susan 3/31/20 – Missing You

“When a community does something together, that community is very happy, jovial, connected and unified.”–Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

I just want you all to know I really missed our March SCDP meeting. That surprises me, because I’m big on not having to be anywhere, and getting a night off always makes me happy. I mean, like, I actually cheer!

I like to watch our live-stream the day after our meetings, and what impresses me is what a good group we really are, what a community we have become.

We are all so different individually, and yet when we come together under the banner of SCDP, we all understand our commonality and our common purpose. That is so cool.

I know we have plenty to do together in the upcoming months working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot! I hope we stay “happy, jovial, connected and unified,” even while we’re confined to our homes. I’m confident we will.

I love you all.