Musin’ with Susan 4/28/20 – Not Okay!

Musin’ with Susan 4/28/20

“Before this I couldn’t imagine a scenario where 20,000 Americans die and the president doesn’t grieve or even pretend to show empathy. We should never stop talking about how this isn’t even remotely okay.” Mike Birbiglia on Twitter @birbigs

And since Birbiglia wrote that, the number has tripled. He could tweet every single day with new numbers and it would still say the same thing.

I don’t even have a response for this. It’s heartbreaking and it’s infuriating, leaving me both sad and angry.

And still, only 52% of Americans believe he’s doing a bad job with 47% believing he’s doing a good job handling this pandemic. Who are these 47% of the population watching? What are they hearing? What are they experiencing in their own lives and in the lives of others they know and love?

We simply MUST vote this horrendous person out of office. We must. We have no choice.

In the meantime, what am I showing more, my anger or my empathy? Both rise easily, but which one do I take more action on?

I do use humor to soften my anger. I send jokes to friends and political allies. I watch Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert Samantha Bee. 

How do I show how much I care? Jean and I have sent financial contributions to different service organizations. We both try to reach out more to those we’re not seeing. We even put a joke on a large dry-erase board at our mailbox every day to give our neighbors a laugh as they walk, ride, or run by. 

One thing that really softens my anger and lets me feel united with the human race is seeing people around the world in all the ways they’re finding to connect, to be a part of instead of apart from. Every night different news stations show clips of apartment dwellers in New York who come out at 7:00 to cheer all our truly essential workers. They show clips of people just like me all over the world doing wonderful things and silly things and the kinds of things that help me remember we really are all in this together. These clips make me happy and proud to be part of our real humanity! And then there are the ones that show our CLEAN Earth! Oh my!

This truly is an amazing time for all of us. It’s a defining time for us. I hope each of you is making the best of it, truly making the best of it, letting yourself be the best you can be, showing love and compassion and empathy and good cheer.

And I hope you will never, ever forget for one second that we have that man, that president, who doesn’t grieve or show empathy or even understand what it means to the rest of us to feel united. We MUST vote him out.