Musin’ with Susan 5/5/20 – 2020 Vision

Musin’ with Susan 5/5/20 – 2020 Vision

My 2020 Vision for May is that we learn, really learn, embed into our psyches, the lessons this worldwide pandemic is teaching us. 

Amid the horrors of illness and death, we see human compassion and courage and ingenuity. 

Within the self-centered nature of United Statesians, we see love and caring and righteousness.

Around hatefulness and anger, we see gentleness and humor.

Inside the chaos and disorder, we see organization and coming together.

And all around us we see our planet healing.

So my 2020 Vision for May and beyond is that we keep our compassion and courage and ingenuity, our love and caring and righteousness, our gentleness and our humor. And that we continue to restore our planet.

I envision that in the awfulness of this pandemic, we become awe-filled, and that we keep this awe and carry it with us on our way forward.