Musin’ with Susan 5/19/20 – Cleaning Out?

Nature has a way of taking care of itself, cleaning out what needs to be cleaned out, getting rid of what’s dead or no longer healthy or useful. If you’ve been picking up tree branches in your yard from April’s winds, you’re seeing this firsthand.

If you’ve ever lived near a pond, you’ve probably seen it turn over. I’ve seen this but didn’t know what I was seeing until several years ago. Ponds “turn over” to clean themselves out. It seems sudden: One day there’s the pond, looking like itself, and the next day, there’s the pond covered in trash. The pond naturally brings all the trash that’s fallen into it (or thrown into it) to the top to clean itself out. I love this.

So here’s what I’ve been thinking about. What if all that’s been happening in our country since the current Occupant began his run for the presidency, and especially since he won the Electoral College and has been in office, is the “pond” of the United States turning itself over? What if all the blatant racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia, all the hatred and fear of “other” is a self-cleaning?

Because of this man’s presidency, we’re seeing the worst of the United States. It has risen to the top.

I know it’s not who we are. That minority that has risen is just that, a minority. The majority of us are still here, wondering what the heck is going on and doing our best to survive, to clean up the mess of the present, and to change things as we move into the future.

Bringing our country’s garbage, our refuse, to the top might be exactly what we need. How can we clean up what we keep hidden? 

Throw the lessons of the pandemic on top of our pond’s turning, and we have an amazing opportunity to clean up the past and begin forming a future based on the real principles and values we proclaim.

It’s a thought.