Musin’ with Susan 6/2/20 – 2020 Vision Enough!

My 2020 Vision right now is that our country has finally reached a tipping point in our tacit acceptance of the murders of black men and boys by the police. I envision an end to our superficial outrage, to the desperate need to blame the victim, to our easy forgetfulness when the media turns our attention to something else and buries the story so deep many of us never even know the officers, once again, got off scot free.

Open this website if you dare.…/black-men-boy-who-were-killed-…/item/2. You will find a list of 81 black men and boys who have been shot and killed by police, under suspicious circumstances. Read their names. Say their names aloud. Know these men and boys. Honor each one of them as if he were your own son, your own brother, your own father, your own family, your own.

I envision that the exposure from witnesses’ videos will open a lot of eyes and make people think beyond their preconceived ideas. I don’t just envision this; I see it happening right now. Like the Viet Nam War. Real coverage from the media, photographs and videos, changed the collective mind of United States citizens. The process of the change was horrible and we still feel its repercussions, but the change in our awareness and consciousness of war is profound.

That’s what I hope the murder of George Floyd accomplishes. I want for him not to have died in vain. I want for all those men and boys not to have died in vain.

When we finally say ENOUGH to police murders of black men, perhaps we will also say ENOUGH to murders of black men and boys by non-police. Perhaps we will say ENOUGH to the rampant gun violence in this country. Perhaps the children at Sandy Hook will not have died in vain, either. 

That is my vision. 

I have had ENOUGH.