Musin’ with Susan 7/14/20 – Voting

I’m musing voting today.

My mother taught me three foundations of our democracy: a free press, free public education, and the peaceful transference of power.

What she assumed, the thing she didn’t think she needed to mention, is our most basic foundation, our vote. To be clear, she taught me through actions and words how important voting is; but I don’t think it ever crossed her mind that the Republican Party would systematically do everything in its power to prevent what they believe are likely Democratic voters from voting.

I just read yet another study of voting by mail, and no one reading this will be surprised at its results. Voting by mail doesn’t result in fraud and it doesn’t give an advantage to the Democratic Party.

Tennessee is close to last in the country in voter turn-out, and our Republican-led legislature continues to make it harder for people to register and to vote. Why?

I will just never understand this. I will never understand how people who seem to want to serve their country, those in elected offices, don’t whole-heartedly support every viable idea to increase participation in our democracy.

Of course, these same people don’t support public education, and they seem to be leaning toward not supporting a free press.

Who are they, really, and why in the world did they want to serve our country as representatives of the people?

Please, help me get these “fake patriots” out of office!