Musin’ with Susan 7/21/20 – Hell on Earth?

“Hell is not to love anymore.” Geogre Bernanos

I continue to struggle having compassion for those I also struggle not to despise.

When I look at the current occupant, I see someone who is without humor, without compassion, without ethics and morality, without kindness. Really, without all of the things I know are important, the only important things. Is he without love? Has he always been without love and needs to replace that huge void with the adulation of cheering crowds? Does he live in a silent, invisible hell?

When I was young, my mother told me that Hell was “complete separation from God.” Later she told me she didn’t really believe in Hell. She did have a firm and fast belief in a loving higher power and she was a wonderful practitioner of her religion, and somewhere along the line, she gave up the idea of an afterlife that includes a place called “Hell.”

Which brings me to the idea of “hell on earth.”

I don’t live in a hell on earth. I live in love and light and lots of laughter. That’s not to say I’m not part of the Human Condition and all that entails, of course. But a big part of my own Human Condition is that I live surrounded by love. I live within love.

Maybe I can stop despising those who seem not to live within love. Maybe I can have real compassion, even as I continue to work against their political ambitions and power.

Maybe I can better come from a place of love as I work with all of you to make our country one good for all of us.

Maybe I can. Because how awful it would be not to love anymore. It really would be hell.