Musin’ with Susan 7/28/20 Seeing with Vision

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”Helen Keller

I probably should have saved this quote for one of the 2020 Vision posts, but—here it is.

My thoughts are still going toward the sadness of the current Occupant and his Republican Party, whose only vision seems to be one of a past that never existed. Can you imagine being unable to see the beautiful diversity of our country, indeed, our whole planet? To see diversity as something scary? To be afraid of “other” because—why? You might lose something you never really had?

I am so grateful to live in this area where we have the most diverse flora of anywhere else on Earth. (You do know that, right?) We might not have really good people diversity, but if we can see and love our plant diversity, we can see how truly beautiful and astounding all diversity is. Right now notice all the shades of green, just outside your window. Count them. If you’ve never done that, you’ll be amazed.

As fall approaches, people tend to think of New England colors where there is an abundance of all shades of maple trees. I think of here, where we have so many different trees and bushes and flowers bursting with color.

I hope you have vision. I hope in every shade of green you see, you think of all the shades of people we live among. Whoever tried to divide us into simple “red and yellow, black and white,” surely did lack vision. We are a rainbow from pale to dark, with yellows and pinks and blues and oranges shining through.

What a lovely vision we Earthlings are when we’re gathered together, side by side.

And you don’t have to have sight to see that.