Musin’ with Susan 8/18/20 – Room at the Table

I’ve had several telephone calls from lifelong Republicans who have told me they have never voted for a Democrat before and are going to vote a straight Democratic ticket in November. These are decent people who can see as well as I can the damage the current occupant is doing to our country, and I welcome them into the Sullivan County Democratic Party.

I’ve never much liked exclusion, to be honest. I want the table I set to be big enough for anybody who wants to sit at it.

I want there to be enough different foods that people can feel satisfied even if they don’t partake of every dish.

I want an array of people who care about the United States and where we’re headed.

Here’s a link to the 2020 Democratic Platform.

Just reading the Table of Contents makes me proud to be a Democrat.

I hope you take time to peruse the draft. I’m pretty sure it will sound good to anyone who wants to turn this country toward the ideals we’ve claimed since our inception.

And I hope the Republicans who plan to vote a straight Democratic ticket in 2020 will stay with us. This really is OUR country, and we all need to work together as we head down that open road I was musing about last week.