Musin’ with Susan 9/22/20 – Kindness

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ~Lao Tzu 

I want to be a kind person.

Sometimes kindness comes easily, like complimenting someone. I do compliment people easily and often, and I do that because it makes me happy. When I compliment a stranger, for example, it lets her know I see her, that she’s not invisible, that someone thinks her choice of what she has on (or whatever) is a good one. Or when someone does a good job, it’s easy to say simply,“Good job!” with a smile and eye contact. I’ve acknowledged someone else. So maybe that kind of small kindness, the simple acknowledgment of another person, does help create confidence, in both of us.

I also find it easy to be giving. I do have a generous spirit—overall, certainly not in everything. Like don’t ask me for my last piece of chocolate. Mine is a philosophy, a belief, in abundance, so I don’t fear that if I give I might not have enough. I enjoy being generous in the same way I enjoy giving compliments. It makes me happy. And I do believe that sharing is an act of love, even if I don’t think about that consciously.

The middle kindness in the quote above is the one I struggle with the most. I have so many unkind thoughts. Sometimes I keep them to myself, and other times Jean gets to hear them as I turn those unkind thoughts into remarks toward whoever’s in the news. Sometimes I wish people harm. Most of the time I catch myself with those thoughts and try to change them; sometimes, though, I don’t. There’s something about that feeling of superiority I cling to.

I know this unkind thinking is harmful, not just to me but to everyone, to the universe. Sending out all those negative vibrations just isn’t good.

I wish I could be kinder in some of my attitudes, especially right now when I feel bombarded with the unkindness of others, especially those in the public eye. 

It sure would be easier not to know better. Not to know that my own unkind thoughts and words and actions reverberate into our very atmosphere.

Instead, I’m aware. And that awareness means I must try to do better.

Thank goodness this life is a journey.