Musin’ with Susan 10/13/20 – VOTE!

Early voting starts tomorrow.

Vote as soon as you can! Make sure your vote counts!
You can vote at any of the three locations, no matter where in Sullivan County you live:
Election Commissioner’s office in Blountville
Civic Auditorium in Kingsport
Slater Center in Bristol
Weekdays 9:00-5:00
Saturdays 9:00-Noon

If you’re voting by mail, VOTE NOW AND MAIL YOUR BALLOT IN! For your vote to count, the ballot must arrive BY November 3. It doesn’t matter what the postmark is. It’s been taking about a week for ballots to get through Knoxville back to Blountville, so don’t take a chance. Follow directions carefully, use one stamp, and get that ballot in the mail.