Musin’ with Susan 11/17/20 – U.S. Americans

Musin’ with Susan – 11/17/20

For many years I’ve been uncomfortable using the word “Americans” for only those of us who live in the United States. It’s wrong. And it’s disrespectful.

You might have noticed that sometimes I’ve used “United Statesians” instead, both in my speech and in my writing. It sounds a little odd but it makes me feel better than our alternative.

I’ve finally seen a simple solution. It was from the writer of the article I posted last week on our Facebook page from The Correspondent. That writer, from the UK, not the United States, used “U.S. Americans.”

How simple is that?!

I’m already incorporating “U.S. Americans” into my language, both written and spoken.

What a relief to find a way to continue to call us “Americans” without being offensive to and dismissive of all those other Americans who live north and south of the United States.

And yes, I know that means I’ve got to think now about “Native Americans,” “African Americans,” “Asian Americans,” and all the other “Americans” we classify into subgroups.

But at least I have an easy solution for the main one!

I like it. U.S. Americans. That’s who we are.