Musin’ with Susan 11/24/20 – Poetic Justice

Musin’ with Susan – 11/24/20

Okay, so I know I’m supposed to be musin’ gratitude this week. 

Instead, I’m still musin’ poetic justice.

How about the poetic justice of the Electoral College results being the same numbers they were four years ago, but with the Democratic candidate being the one with 306?

I just love that.

I know there’s a measure of revenge in poetic justice, so here’s the thing.

I didn’t create it. I’m not the one who claimed 306 Electoral College votes was a landslide win. And I’m not the one whose opponent just got that many.

I’m an observer. A vested one for sure, but nonetheless an observer.

And today, poetic justice has made this observer happy.

So maybe this musin’ is about gratitude after all.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, you all. All you all! And smile a little about the poetry in poetic justice.