Musin’ with Susan 12/15/20

I keep thinking about the same thing because I’m baffled and sort of sad about it. Plus it scares me if I let it. 70% of Republicans (down from 77%, thank goodness) believe the election was fraudulent and that Joe Biden didn’t win fair and square, even though that allegation has been disproven over and over and over again and there is absolutely no evidence to support the claim.

I see that number and ask myself, “Is someone I love part of that 70%?” And as much as I hope she’s not, I am fairly certain (more than 70%) she is. That’s what makes me sad. This person I love is smart, and she prides herself on her political awareness and acuity.

It’s also what scares me when I stop to think about what that really means.

How in the world do we ever come together and work together for the common good if we can’t accept the same set of facts?

I am so sorry Kellyanne Conway introduced the concept of “alternative facts,” but at least there’s a name for the phenomenon.

We now have a good-sized minority of our neighbors and families who are convinced facts are whatever you want them to be.

I have no idea how we will ever recover from this.

I do know that hating those who accept “alternative facts” as real isn’t the answer. 

Maybe with the new administration things will calm down, and with that calm will come an easier path to unity.