Musin’ with Susan 1/12/21 – Celebration

I need a break! I need some joy!

My plan this past week was to post Thursday morning Kool & the Gang singing “Celebrate Good Times,” because that would be the day Democrats would officially have won the Presidency and the Senate.

Instead, Thursday morning was the aftermath of the horror of January 6th’s Republican deadly coup attempt. There was just no way to celebrate when thousands of people, led by the President of the United States and encouraged by many Republican Senators and Representatives, attacked our democracy.

We’re still in the middle of that coup attempt. We know the same hate groups are planning events for Sunday, January 17, and for Inauguration Day on the 20th. And we know nearly all elected Republicans across the country are silent, fearful those insurrectionists will turn on them.

Let me be clear. I refuse to be intimidated by a bunch of thugs and hate-mongers. I refuse to let them rob me of my joy.

So today, I’m taking a break.

I’m going to celebrate our two new Democratic Senators from Georgia, and I’m going to celebrate our new Democratic President and Vice President Elects.

If you want to join me, click on this link.