Musin’ with Susan 8/10/21 – Reorganization

Saturday is our reorganization, and I’ve been thinking a lot about it, of course.

Tennessee county Democratic parties all have what is called reorganization every two years (usually in April, but Covid has changed everything), odd-numbered years when there aren’t (usually) city, county, state, or federal elections.

I went to my first Sullivan County Reorganization in 2017. I was ready to do everything I could to work toward getting Democrats elected because the result of the 2016 election was appalling and distressing and it reawakened my political activism.

I saw an ad in the Bristol Herald Courier for the Sullivan County Democratic Party reorganization, and thinking it was an actual reorganization, I showed up. 

For me (remember, I’m a language person) the word “reorganization” meant actually reorganizing: looking at what the Democratic Party had become and CHANGING IT because it was so obviously ineffective, especially in Tennessee. That’s what I expected.

I was surprised when what reorganization seemed to be was just electing new officers for the local party.

There weren’t a lot of people there, and when the chair called for three more women to volunteer to become members of the Executive Committee, three of us sitting together at one of the back tables looked at each other and said let’s all volunteer: Jean Lusardi, Larena Grieshaber, and Susan Whitlow.

That’s how I became involved in the Sullivan County Democratic Party.

What I know now, especially because I’ve been chairperson for a two-year term, is that “reorganization” does mean more than just electing people locally even though that’s what the event looks like from the outside.

The structure of TNDP is basically the same as the structure of SCDP, only a lot bigger.

Every new chairperson of TNDP has ideas on how the party should be organized to function at the highest level and reach the ultimate goal of electing Democrats at all levels in the state. 

On January 16, 2021, the Tennessee Democratic Party elected a new chairperson, Hendrell Remus, along with a new Executive Committee, and Hendrell has ideas about how he believes we can finally get Democrats elected in Tennessee and start turning our state blue.

His ideas are what this reorganization is really all about.

We’re lucky this year because we get to hear from TNDP Chair Hendrell Remus himself.

Hendrell is joining us at our reorganization. He’ll be with us during the registration period to mingle and chat, and then he will speak to us as a group before we begin our own reorganization.

I’m super-excited about this.

I know Hendrell will inspire every one of us to get to work in our own county, joining others in every county in Tennessee, to become the biggest and strongest force we can be.

I hope every Democrat in Sullivan County (you have to be registered to vote in Sullivan County) will be at our reorganization. This is a real opportunity to begin to change the direction of Tennessee politics and make the Democratic Party relevant and vital again.

See you Saturday at the Bluff City Boardwalk and Pavilion! 

Bring a mask, wear comfortable clothes, get ready to have a good time, and GET INVOLVED!