Musin’ with Susan 8/24/21 – Democracy on the March

I’ve heard that anger is “fear under pressure.” 

I believe that. I know enough about myself to know that when I am angry, I can look inside to see a lurking fear.

Right now, many of us fear that our country is teetering between remaining a democratic republic and collapsing into an autocracy or an oligarchy.

I’m one of them.

Understanding history, I see the signs, and I really don’t want this wonderful experiment in democracy to die.

I really don’t.

I want the United States to be an example to the world that democratic governments can survive and thrive and overcome internal dissent no matter how seemingly difficult it is.

I want the United States to be the beacon it once was, a country that attracts others because of our ideal of freedom for all.

I also want the United States to have political parties that reflect different ideas about ways to achieve a more perfect union and that know how to work together for the greater good.

What I’m most concerned about right now is that the Republican Party is doing everything it can to limit voting rights. 

This is NOT for the greater good of the United States.

I honestly fear for my country and its survival as a democracy. And I honestly don’t understand why anyone who professes to love this country wants to end government by and for the people.

Here’s a simple concept: If we don’t ensure voting rights for every citizen eighteen and older, we are not and cannot be a democratic republic.

The very basis of any democracy is one person, one vote.

It’s taken our entire history to even get close to that concept, and now here we are, with a major political party doing everything it can, state by state, to limit voting rights.

The Republican Party wants to count only votes in their favor, and right now they are succeeding passing laws that will do just that.

It’s outrageous.

It’s beyond outrageous; it is traitorous.

I’m putting my fear into positive action Saturday by showing up at the Bristol sign to join March On for Voting Rights. We may not change a law in Texas or Georgia or anywhere else in the country, but at least we can join this national event to show that people here in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia love our country and want it to remain the democratic republic it was designed to be.

I hope I see you there.