Musin’ with Susan 6/7/22 – March for Our Lives

 “Why do I know this time is different? This is the first time that I have been in a time where I get thousands of messages and dms and literally only three have been negative, none have been threatening. Many many supportive gun owners and Republicans have messaged.” David Hogg, Twitter, May 30, 2022

I love this message from David Hogg and the message in the Tic Toc video below. (Please follow the link.) They both give me hope, like the hope I felt during the 2020 election campaign when 4 or 5 local Republicans called me to find out where to get Biden signs, all saying they had never voted for a Democrat in their lives but they were voting for Joe Biden because they knew they needed to help stop what the other candidate was doing to our country. I knew if that were happening in Sullivan County, it had to be happening across the United States. I have that same hopeful feeling now, that people across the country and across party lines are coming together to say, “Enough.”

The National March for Our Lives is Saturday, June 11, in cities and communities all across the United States. Remember the kids who survived the Parkland shooting? That’s who is sponsoring this march.

They are emphasizing that this march is for everyone who believes we need more and better gun safety legislation. In Tennessee, that’s 93% of us, including 92% of Republicans and 91% of gun owners. (I find those numbers astounding, which is why I remember them.) The number of Americans in general is 59%, still a solid majority, and between 60% and 85% of gun owners across the country support gun safety legislation (percentages vary depending on the specific legislation).

I hope David Hogg is right, that this time is different. And I hope John Colbert is one of many whose Republican friends are ready to vote Blue because they’ve had it with the inaction of their party after every massacre that could have been prevented with decent gun safety legislation.

Maybe we as a country are finally ready to say, “ENOUGH,” as our President said repeatedly in his speech after the massacre at Uvalde. 

Please, wherever you are, participate in this nationwide march. I promise you’ll be glad you did. 

Like President Biden said, if Republicans don’t listen, if they won’t pass gun safety legislation, make that a primary issue in the November election and VOTE THEM OUT!

Sullivan County Democratic Party is joining the national march by sponsoring one here. We’re meeting at the Bristol Sign at the railroad station in downtown Bristol (you can’t miss it) at 12:30. Please join us if you can, and bring a sign!

Let’s let our voices join the chorus across the country.

What do we want? GUN SAFETY LAWS! When do we want them? NOW!