Musin’ with Susan 6/14/22 – Mother Earth & Father Sun

“The Earth has the life force power. If anyone plants a seed, the seed will grow. The Earth treats everyone equally.”  Native American Anonymous

I learned the idea of Mother Earth and Father Sun from Native American tradition. Of course I’d heard white people talk about “Mother Earth,” but it wasn’t until I was able to put together the idea of the life force power of our Planet Earth with the essential light power of the Sun that it really made sense to me. Mother Earth and Father Sun working together to create this amazing place we call home.

That’s not really what this quote made me think most about, though. “If anyone plants a seed, the seed will grow. The Earth treats everyone equally.”

What more do we really need to know about human beings?

Why do some people hate others, people they don’t even know, just because of something as superficial as skin tone? 

Why do some people encourage that hatred?

What’s wrong with people like Rupert Murdoch, the man who controls EVERYTHING said on his television network? Why does he want to spread hatred? What’s in it for him? He’s 91 years old, and his legacy is going to be one of spreading propaganda, filling the airwaves with hatred and lies, setting people against other people, capitalizing on fear. 

Honestly, what’s wrong with someone like that? Doesn’t he know if anyone plants a seed, the seed will grow? Literally?

The seeds he has planted are poisonous, and people devour that poison as if it’s life-saving.

I’m glad I don’t understand someone like that.

I’ve been taught to direct positive energy toward people like him, to want for him the things I most value, good health, love, inner peace.

I need to practice that more and better. And not just on him. There are a lot of people, all around us, who seem to be living in meanness instead of kindness. 

Along with wishing for them inner peace, love, good health, I’m going to add the knowledge that a seed will grow no matter who plants it, that our Mother Earth treats everyone equally.

This is something I CAN do.