Musin’ with Susan 6/21/22 – More Mother Earth

Last week’s Musin’ about Mother Earth and Father Sun has led me into another direction of thought.

This Earth is simply perfect in design, with everything interdependent. Everything. Think of that. 

When I find a little critter I don’t particularly like, I look up what they’re good for. I did that years ago with earwigs. Now earwigs are my friend.

Jean commented recently that she really hates slugs. So I Iooked them up. She’s still not crazy about slugs, but she understands their value. Slugs are my friend now, too. Honestly, fleas and mosquitos aren’t my friends but I do try not to hate them. Bring on the birds and spiders and frogs and lizards. And snakes! All those critters that eat fleas and mosquitos!

Okay, so I just looked up fleas in the middle of this Musin’. Can’t believe I had never done that. Here it is:

“[Fleas] help dead things rot and enrich the soil. Flea larvae emerge from the eggs to feed on any available organic material such as dead insects, feces, and vegetable matter. Adult fleas also spread parasites which is important in regulating the breeding frequency of some mammals.”

So I guess now fleas need to be my friend, too. Please, no.

Okay, back on topic.

I can’t imagine a place more diverse than our little blue planet. 

That’s why I love it here. I’m not sure there’s this much diversity anywhere else in the vast universe. I hope there is, and I hope if I get to live in other places, in other dimensions, I get to experience the wonder of Earth.

Our Mother Earth and Father Sun is simply perfect.

Would we could appreciate ALL the diversity of our Planet, including that of every single person. 

Then it truly would be a Garden of Eden, like my mama said when human beings walked on the moon. “Earth really is the Garden of Eden.”