Musin’ with Susan 7/19/22 – Respect

I don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble respecting some of the people who are refusing to testify before the January 6 Committee (and the American people) or testifying by saying only, “The 5th.”

I really do know in my deepest being that we are all connected, all deserving of love, compassion, and respect. I know that as surely as I know anything.

I guess I don’t understand the lure of power, how people can and do put themselves and their own ambition above everything else, including the rule of law, and in this case, what’s best for our country if we want to continue striving for the vision of democracy our founders set forth.

So here’s the question. Do these people feel as if they don’t belong to our democracy? Is that why they have such contempt for the rule of law and for those of us who believe in democracy? Is this why they attempted a coup and now won’t help true patriots understand exactly what happened and hold those who are responsible accountable in order to prevent another coup attempt, one that could be successful?

I just don’t get it.

And I guess my “getting it” isn’t necessary for me to take a look at my own disrespect for these people who could actually help, who could actually admit to their own involvement and pay the price, whatever it is. Isn’t that what being honorable is?

How does one respect someone who is dishonorable? How does one respond with respect to Supreme Court Justices who make up law as they go instead of respecting precedence? How does one respect a governor who is willing to call our state’s teachers “dumb” just so he can please a man who wants to turn public schools into “Christian” schools? How does one respect people who remain willfully ignorant when they are surrounded by information they don’t want to hear? How does one respect leaders of a political party that uses lies and fear mongering to try to secure its power?

I don’t know.

Does my lack of respect I feel for these dishonorable people mean I think I’m above them? 

I don’t think so. I CAN look at them individually with compassion. I do know we’re all living in the Human Condition, and it’s a hard place to live, that sometimes living one’s values in this dimension isn’t so easy.

I think I need a long, hard look at myself and what I believe about respect. 

Maybe I need to go back to last week’s Musin’ on compassion.

Just so you know: BIG SIGH.

And also, BIG SMILE.