Musin’ with Susan 8/2/22 – Garden of Eden

“Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight . . . .” Childhood hymn

There’s no way in the world to be out in nature—and I live in a subdivision, not in a country setting—without understanding the beauty of all of us.

I was just outside for no reason except to take pictures of all the lovely places in our yard. I’m extremely fortunate to live with a Master Gardener who creates and tends our gardens with love and care.

I call myself the landscaper, because I choose trees and bushes and the labyrinth (that took some talking into!), all larger things that don’t require daily attention. Plant a tree or a bush, weed it a couple of years, and it’s pretty self-sufficient after that. Jean is the one who brings home flowers every time she leaves the house to run an errand and then finds places to put them and weeds and waters and tends every single day.

Okay, so I do have rose bushes I tend (not Knockouts, “real” roses). And I do have quite a few bird feeders. Fourteen, but who’s counting? So I do take care of some stuff in the yard.

Pretty much Jean and I live in a Garden of Eden. We grow some food (we, as in Jean) but mostly get our summer foods from the Bristol Farmer’s Market. I love handling that food. I think about the hands that picked it, and then I think about the hands that planted the seeds and tended the young plants, and I slice and dice and chop and cook and eat with a special kind of kinship and joy. Gratitude.

One of my favorite things is just to sit outside (when it’s not too hot) and look around me and listen to all the sounds of nature. Beauty is everywhere. It calms my soul.

I wonder if every single person took a daily break to just be outside for a few minutes, long enough to really breathe, if we might not get along better. Walk on the Earth, be grounded. Each one of us.

How can I love that red flower and that blue bird and that yellow bee and that gray squirrel and that silver spider web and those countless shades of green leaves and brown bark and not feel a connection with everything and everyone?

If you need to let nature recharge you and want a place of beauty, give me a call. You can walk our labyrinth or just sit on the front porch or back patio and let peace fill you up. It’s not quiet peace, because nature is pretty loud, but it’ll definitely fill your soul and help you realize we’re all “precious in his sight.”